TileFlow is a powerful three-dimensional software tool for simulating cooling performance of data centers. It uses the state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques, and is applicable to both raised-floor and non-raised-floor data centers.

TileFlow has been specifically designed to give the user the ultimate ease-of-use and speed in setting up the data center model and examining the results. In addition, TileFlow has an unmatched speed in performing the calculations. We believe--and this has been confirmed by many experts in the field--that no other CFD software product in the HVAC area or even other fields has the ease-of-use and speed of TileFlow. Further, TileFlow presents the simulation results in a variety of colorful and attractive ways, making it an excellent communication tool.

TileFlow is being used worldwide by data center managers, equipment manufacturers, architectural and engineering firms, and consulting companies.